We have made it to the end… and for the final parts of my musical growth I have learnt many lessons. With new struggles comes new knowledge acquired. I feel that I have grown tremendously over the duration of this course as I never viewed myself as a musically talented person. I am very grateful for the challenge this class has presented as well as the guidance that I have received. I have encountered a variety of struggles on my learning journey and have been able to work towards overcoming them and building a growth mindset within myself.  Some of the struggles I encountered were with transitions between chords, keeping my place in a song, and transitioning between strumming patterns. I have been able to make strategies for myself with the help of my professor and peers around me. I have also gained a new understanding of making growth goals that are easy to gage and measurable. At the beginning of the semester I had no idea what tempo was let alone, just how difficult it would be to play songs to tempo. This is one example of something that I will take into my future learning of music and playing instruments. After doing this musical growth I can confidently say that I understand the many struggles that my future students will encounter while they are learning new skills. I feel that I have a much better understanding of the aspects that need to be included in a musical growth plan as well as the determination it takes to learn such a complex and wonderful skill. I hope to always carry these new lessons and understandings into my future practice with music and into my classroom as well. I have truly been able to feel the fulfilling and positive feelings that being able to express yourself through music can be and I am thankful that I have the chance to feel that.

Please enjoy my final musical growth video 🙂