Since achieving the personal goals I set out for myself to reach for the midterm, I have now moved on to begin learning and practicing putting the whole song together! I have found it very difficult to keep track of when to switch my strumming pattern because I am finding it hard to sing and play at the same time. I know this is a challenge that I can overcome as some of my peers have encountered the same difficulties and have been able to overcome them. I will just need to continue practicing whenever I have a chance to. I am also finding it hard to make time to practice as I have five roommates and it is difficult to find a time when my playing won’t disrupt them. It is also becoming more and more challenging to keep myself accountable to my practicing times as life has gotten very busy. I will need to work on managing my time better and trying to sneak in practice sessions where ever I can. On the upside… my transitions are slowly starting to get more fluent allowing me to really hear what the song is supposed to sound like in my playing!