After learning all of these different aspects regarding my topic, I decided to put all of my findings together and focus on how technology can be used to aide language and literacy in the classroom.

here are my findings:

How can technology can be used to aide language and literacy in the classroom

All students benefit from technology in their development of literacy 

  • Technology makes learning more visual, audible, and interactive therefore serving more learners.
    • Large screens for more visual learners
    • Interactive activities and games for more hands on learners
    • Videos for more auditory and visual learners
    • Blogs and multimedia texts 
    • Images for more visual learners 
  • Provides support for students who struggle with language and communication 
    • Augmented communication devices, podd, and social stories for students with special needs 
    • Audio input for students with physical disabilities and students who struggle with literacy
    • Visual along with audio aides for students with language/speech delays 
  • Provides students an opportunity to experiment with technology and incorporate it into their learning early on
    • Promotes technological literacy
    • Provides opportunity for students to learn about various learning resources that work for them 
    • Increases engagement inown learning 
    • Allows students to learn how to access the knowledge and information at their fingertips 
    • Encourages inquiry and research   
  • Other
    • Develops growth mindset through gaming as students are able to fail and retry levels
    •  Increases students’ interest through meaningful lessons that the students are more personally involved in
  • Provides alternate ways for students to express themselves
    • Allows personalization of learning 
    • Offers multiple modes for students to express themselves 
    • Provides adaptations for students who need them without the teacher having to change the lesson too much 
    • Allows learners to set up their learning the way they want to on computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint 


  • Large computer visual display 
  • Audio input and output 
  • Photographing devices 
  • Educational games and websites 
  • Computer programs
  • Augmented communication devices 

Tech in action: 

  • Students take pictures on a camera and write words/ stories to go with the images they took
  • Students record themselves reading and play the recordings back to themselves 
  • Students type a piece of writing on the computer and have it read back to them for clarity and understanding
  • Students listen to audio books 
  • Students watch videos on learning topics for a more holistic understanding 
  • Students practice writing emails to each other for a meaningful way of practicing writing 

My powerpoint presentation includes some information regarding the risks and possible influencing factors regarding technology in the classroom.

Tech Inquiry